My body was numb with the cold outside. Yet,…..

The mud bathing in the Dew, left a magical fragrance

The puppies cuddling each other.

The quiet breeze calmly quarreling my hair.

Chirping of crickets didn’t really hurt my ear.

The Juicy Galaxy left me with an awe.

My body was numb with the cold outside.Yet,


My soul had so much of warmth and affection for the moment it enjoyed.

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My Peter Parker…

I await for this moment to relax at the window sill

This very day sitting at my window sill  , flowing in the comfort of nature,
Gazing at the sky up there
Attending the hustle down there
In this city of buildings, not much broad but getting tall and taller….

I await for this moment to relax at the window sill with some wine along
Just to relax more and  more

In that cozy warm evening
I came across a baby spider
Crawling….. Or may be walking…. May be… Climbing up the grills of my window…. 


My brain had an alarm ringing that I fear insects , and for no reason I snoozed ,admiring and getting comfortable around the harmless little creature

I couldn’t recognize whether it is lost or is simply wandering with it’s micro body in this mega world.

That sip of wine didn’t really relax me more than this tiny one did.

It went on and on… till the grill ended, then took a right and stopped at the corner of the window.

May be to celebrate the fact that it had found a living at that corner

Cheers to a new home!!!


it had its own way to celebrate when I was already there with some wine to cherish this new company of mine.

It had already found its living and being at home safe and sound… I was Lost wondering the alchemy of nature, the way it nurtures its creatures, defining all their physique and coding all those intricate physiology into an extremely small being.., amused me at every single glimpse of it.

The way it moved forward with those thread-like legs …. Left me with an absolute bliss.

It’s been pretty dark now and my sight were still frozen at it.

The wine had already driven into my body but it was least known to me..

May be the celebration to a new living is done…. The baby spider had also fallen asleep I guess…As it held itself motionless there…..

I too fell asleep on the couch near that window gazing at the stars twinkle and then to the little member of my house

I felt, that I had the best sleep ever that night  ……..along with the new lonely soul, with the cool breeze kissing my cheeks and the stars and the moon brightening than ever before, celebrating a homage of a newborn and may be cherishing at a fact that a lonely girl explored another companion other than the usual wine she had….

The next morning was  extreme with tranquility as I had started my day with the tweets of birds and holy hymn at a temple nearby and…… Those delicate rays felt so nourishing and…….

I  realised that such mornings could also be affordable instead of waking up at the loud alarm beeps

My little companion was already awake and was busy furnishing and decorating its new home probably because the breeze played good allowing it to raise it’s Spinnerets (silk secreting organ) in prior of secreting the silk and adhering it onto the grills keenly.

This evening when I was back home from my 9-5 thing  , exhausted and excited with yet another glass of wine….. This time not to relax but to cheers to the completion of well settled new member at my place

My little mate bounced cheerfully over it’s freshly made web, sometimes hanging down with its support , at other times spinning the web one by one at the grill rods.

It played just like human babies did,
With total fun and innocence,
Difference was just……the human babies were provided with living, and
This baby provided itself a living, more satisfied and happy alone than humans at its place.

That day on….. That window was never locked and I had never woke up to the beeps of my alarm anymore………..

At evenings with some wine… Not to relax but to enjoy the vibes

That day on……. I least gazed the moon and the stars and the hustle so far….

Yeah…. I have stopped flirting with the moon and only sometimes talk

Yeah….. I had betrayed the moon and still

Yeah….. I had betrayed the moon and still it smiled broadly

The stars still twinkle bright…..

The breeze still kisses these cheeks of mine,
Maybe they celebrate and cherish the bond, the gossips at this window sill with me and my Peter Parker at nights.

And so…..I await for this moment to relax at the window sill with some wine along…..with Mr. Little Peter Parker…….now not just to relax but to find  and awaken the friend in me and the friend in him.


A story of a Newspaper lad……

Normal ! was the day and date .
And of course,
The aroma of hot tea being served, dew fed grass and a fantastic foggy sunrise was never too late….

Cursed was my fate,
For me dwelt alone.
Yet ,
Blessed is my Soul for to encounter the alchemy of the Mother Earth ,from turning an ugly little caterpillar to an unbelievably gorgeous butterfly.

From switching a sad one to a smiling,
By allowing the breeze kiss his cheeks and cross his soul and elope with the stress he somehow stole.

The feel of feeling to be blessed ,
Was ruined when me discovered the last sip of my tea.

My receptors sensed a bell ring,
Stimulated was my brain and responded.
It might be the alarm that was unknowingly set.

I was totally sober with my tea not much with cocaine,
Yet, the response to the stimuli was misled.

The ring rose and rose and gradually ascended my threshold,
It was the lad on his bicycle, with a baggage of information.

He tucked a “TIMES OF INDIA”
Into the grills of my gate and with a very pure and kind manner waved a GOOD MORNING to my way, leaving back an innocent smile, he peddled and destined his way.
This was a perfect start to my day
May be a morning more good than he waved.

It was his daily routine and mine as well
Alas! Never before had I really bothered noticing such innocence.
My mornings would have been more good and well ,
Only if I really noticed.

Now, I realize, it wasn’t a normal day and date .

A lad on his bicycle everyday is set ,
To make some mornings more good than always

For no reason, he peddles along with him a smile,
That may broaden if you smile back again..

-Samruddhi Pawar.


STUCK with an elegant Pride,
In his eyes,
Like a standby he stood.

To serve his Native Land,
With as much as he could.

Except of the country,
Freezed are all his emotions and thoughts at those high altitudes,
With gradually lowering of warmth,
The alertness at its high count.

He also sometimes dwelt,
There where
He and his soul was about to melt,
There  where
His thirst did not really quench,
Even then,
For his country he suffered peacefully in that little trench.

Days and Nights are no different to him,
Fests and families prove rare to him.
Forlorn is he, FIGHTS and SURVIVES
To PROTECT AND SAFEGUARD those unfamiliar lives.

He does carry a backpack of memories with him
But, explores just a little in order to PRIORITIZE HIS DUTIES.

Family, Friends and a Beloved he has left behind,
With a promise that he’ll return safe and soon,
His eyes had defined.

A Sister awaits to TEASE AND SCOFF a brother.
A Father is desperate to make FRIENDS AND FUN with his son.
A Mother longs to CONTROVERT MORE from the side of her son.

Friends no more like to hangout without that one BRAVE AND SMART guy of their circle.

A Lover is PRIDEFULLY PROUD to have had such a love she fell for.

At the end of the day,
They all can just wait, well wish and hope to see him soon again.



Soo strong is he prepared mentally and physically.

Indeed, on being CHASED AND TERRIBLY TROUBLED BODY, his chest expands proudly out of Respect and Love for his country.


When he cuddles his death,
With an unbelievable EXCITE he Salutes his flag and Kisses his Lordly Land.

And with a satisfying breath leaving back a WORTHLY SACRIFICE


Samruddhi Pawar